What We are Eating

It’s true we are what we eat. I believe it. Not only physically, but also mentally. Food makes us either feel good about ourselves or not so good about ourselves. And when we surround ourselves with all things good, our spirits are lifted. I experienced this during a recent Sunday Brunch I was invited to.

Last Sunday, the long awaited day had come. It was a gathering of a few friends, food, and wine. We had been invited to Sunday Brunch! I knew just being with good friends would lift my spirits. Sometimes, our lives get muddled and we need a little pick me up.

The anticipation of knowing the date was coming actually lifted my spirits. But what awaited on the table was more than I expected. When we arrived, the table was set. I was handed a glass of bubbly, which put a smile on my face. I began to relax while sipping and talking and watching as the first meal course was brought to the table.

As we gathered at the table and began to eat, I noticed how relaxed I became. The food was wonderful. It was beautiful. It made me feel good. There are a lot of factors here to say the least. One, I thoroughly enjoyed my friends company. Two, the table was beautiful. Three, the food was wonderful, and prepared with love. Four, the wine was paired perfectly.

I believe all these factors together lifted my spirits that day. All I know, when I left that afternoon, I was fully satisfied.

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